Global Branding and Marketing


You may not be as big as General Motors or ChevronTexaco or Telefónica. But you can have a global brand. You can compete effectively in the global marketplace, from Shanghai to Stockholm and Birmingham to Bangalore. It's all a question of speaking globally.


We will design a brand strategy that gives your messages the maximum impact at the minimum cost. We clarify who your target market is, and how to speak to them effectively.


We are experienced in all aspects of design and production -- we have helped many large, international companies design their logos, websites, retail outlets and products, and to implement those designs.


We also know how to look at your company now and its market presence (website, literature, facilities), and see what's missing to take you to the forefront of your competitive set.


Our work with some of the world's leading companies, our extensive network of contacts, and our extensive international business experience mean that we can do all this unusually effectively.


Services we offer include:


  • Creative copywriting (English and Spanish)
  • Market research
  • Brand audit
  • Logo design, visual design, graphic design and retail design
  • Website design and usability analysis
  • Naming and verbal design
  • Advertising


If you think these services could be of interest to you, please contact us.


We're Speaking Globally. Are You?





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