Learning by Doing (aka CLIL)


We believe in being practical. There is nothing that you learn better than what you really need to learn. So we believe in improving our English by doing other things. In English, of course.


Reading and responding to e-mails, phoning clients, working on reports, making sales presentations... these are typical business activities.


We believe that you will learn more when you do things like this, the things that you really need to do.


This can lead to some unorthodox classes - we may not always end up in the classroom! When practical, we may try going straight into your workplace. Of course, new vocabulary and grammar points are provided and reviewed in later classes.


The reviews are all the more successful because you have a practical context in which you learned originally.


(By the way, this is not just our crazy idea. Officially it's called CLIL, or Content Language Integrated Learning. More and more countries, including the Basque Country and Spain, are adopting this model for English learning throughout their educational systems. It is popular because it is extremely effective.)


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