There is an iron rule in languages: You understand people who speak like you do.


We are committed to giving our students the ability to understand like a native. And we do it by teaching them to speak (pronounce) like a native.


The sounds that native speakers make are often


  • not the sounds you were taught when you learned English
  • not sounds that you make in your own language


In order to understand Spoken English, you don't need to have perfect pronunciation, but you do need to recognize all its sounds properly, and pronounce them all fairly well. The key is that all the sounds need to be separate and clear inside your head -- that's where they can help you listen and understand correctly!


It can be good to start over again from a solid new base. A fresh start on your pronunciation will completely change your ability to understand and speak English fluently with even native speakers.


Also, unless you know English 'phonics', the relationship between English writing and pronunciation is confusing and frustrating! But there is definitely a logic to it, even if it is not as easy as Spanish or Italian. Phonics is probably very different from anything you were ever taught! SpeakingGlobally offers you the opportunity to use this tool to understand Spoken English better.


Here are some other tools we use to improve your understanding through pronunciation:




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