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Speaking Globally is focused on taking you global. You and your company.



For your company, we offer the experience, skills, knowledge and contacts that can powerfully expand your international presence -- branding, marketing and translation services of world-class quality.



For you, we focus on allowing you to enjoy English and be confident when you interact with others, even native English speakers. If you have professional goals, we'll focus on your personal effectiveness while conducting international business -- top-quality English, and coaching on your presentations and public speaking. Or of course, any other objectives you may have. Our training is tailor-made for you.



Everything to make sure the world can see the best you have to offer.



Our goals for our own company are clear. Quality is our aim, not size -- we are not a large company, nor do we aspire to be. We adapt to fill even large needs by working with our established and trusted networks of people and companies throughout our area and throughout the world. We have the ability to adapt to your needs.


We are physically based in the prosperous Upper Deba River (Debagoiena / Alto Deba) area of Gipuzkoa province in Spain, but we work worldwide.


Fundamental to us is our commitment to you, our customer: We want potential global clients to view you better than your best competitors in every way, whether they are from Germany, the USA, Japan, the UK or elsewhere.



If you like what you're hearing, please contact us and we can discuss how we could work with you and your company.


We're Speaking Globally. Are You?





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