Intensive (or 'Mini-Immersion') Courses with Speaking Globally


A programme of intensive classes allows for a solid year's worth of progress to be concentrated into a few convenient weeks during the year. Depending on the timetable, it can even be possible for students to work half-days at the same time, so they can tend to their often-vital regular duties as well.


Many people find they learn English more effectively on concentrated intensive courses, and also that intensives fit into their schedule better than traditional class timetables. This plan is ideal for international sales representatives, senior managers and others who may travel frequently.


Intensive courses can be one-off in order to focus on a particular situation or set of skills, or they can form part of a year-long programme of study that ensures a clear plan behind progress through a series of intensives during the year.


Classes can be one-to-one, or for groups of up to four people.


Call us for a chat to customize a course specifically for your needs.




The two most common timetables are a 20-hour intensive held Monday through Thursday afternoons, and a 20-hour intensive Friday and Saturday. However, feel free to contact us for a customized timetable to suit your needs. Our aim is always to produce an individually-tailored solution that meets your needs perfectly.




Most of our intensive classes are held in a delightful agro-tourism facility set on a sunny hillside in a rural neighbourhood of our neighbouring town of Bergara. The atmosphere is relaxing and enables you to get away from the pressures of the office and concentrate on improving your English skills.


Outside of farmhouse - Exterior del caserío


Interior of farmhouse - Interior del caserío


Interior of farmhouse - Interior del caserío


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