Kinds of Business English Classes Offered by Speaking Globally


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Traditional 'Advancement' Classes - In-company classes where the English trainer comes to your physical location to give classes throughout the academic year, available only for individuals and small groups in the vicinity of Oñati, Spain.


Intensive (or 'mini-immersion') Classes - Ideal for people who cannot attend classes regularly all year, or those who want a quick boost to their English skills. Scheduled to allow you to work part time. Usually off-site in a beautiful and relaxing agro-tourism site.


Public Speaking in English - Making polished and professional presentations and other public speaking engagements in English - this is the practice and coaching that makes the difference in the impression you leave on your audience.


Distance Learning - A wide variety of solutions so that you can study wherever you are, with the guidance of a qualified English-language trainer: Internet videoconference, online listening, phone, e-mail, programmed study


Pronunciation Classes - The main benefit of working on your pronunciation is that it can tremedously improve your understanding of the English spoken by native speakers!


Learning by Doing (CLIL) Classes - An extremely effective and practical way to learn the skills you need day to day, you are coached while actually doing the regular tasks you need to do, all in English and perfectly tailored to you!


Conversation Classes - Designed to improve skills and confidence in conducting business in person and on the phone, vital skills in today's global business environment.


Lunchtime Conversation Classes - A structured way to work conversation skills and fluency even for the extremely busy! Just a chat, but almost always much more than just a chat!


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